Laundry Room: Beautiful Blessed Nightmare

I have received more than a handful of emails from readers in the last year saying they love my mini makeover series. (Thank you!) I have also received emails from readers wondering why I don’t do complete overhauls. To that I say it is truly the little things that make a difference. This spring  I will share that by taking you inside my home and sharing the mini makeover we completed in 2019. First up, the laundry room flooring. If you read this post, you are aware my old washer and dryer needed some repairs. After discussing this with my spouse, we decided to purchase not only new appliances, but also found it smart to finally replace the old linoleum floor as well (as the room would be void of appliances).

Washer and dryer shopping were easier than refrigerator shopping. We simply strolled into the big box stores with our old model numbers and stated, “We want this!” Of course, they didn’t have a 10-year-old version, so we happily accepted the new version. I was stunned to learn they charge $50 for haul away of old appliances. I mean, really, we just spent over $1,260 with them on new appliances- what a way to nickel and dime. I refused and sent out a text to friends and family alerting them we were giving away our old appliances away for free. All they had to do was haul them away and know they would have to replace the fuel pump eventually. As soon as I hit send, I had takers.

With the appliances gone we went in search of tile. It reminded me of us picking out kitchen counter, as there were many beautiful options. (I repeat, if you want to test your relationship, buy or build something together).

Processed with MOLDIV

In the end we decide on some gorgeous 24×24 porcelain tile that reminds me of a Spanish courtyard. Next came our search for a contractor. We finally found one we felt comfortable with, but it was to be a beautiful, blessed nightmare. I will spare you another rant but will say although the final product turned out beautiful I couldn’t refer him in good conscience, nor would I use him again. He lacked communication or a clear plan and nickeled and dimed us to the end.

Processed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIV

The floor makes the laundry room! It is the first thing one notices when entering the space. Therefore, I suggest one little upgrade at a time. It saves you money and headaches, and often one small change makes a huge impact.

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