Career Mistakes that New College Grads Should Avoid

The journey to the top can prove more challenging than expected, especially when a graduate makes some common career-path mistakes. Rediscovering this article, 8 big career mistakes that new college grads should avoid I thought it best to share with you tips to help you navigate the working world after school.

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1. Believing first jobs have to be dream jobs If you’re eager to find work and start living the American dream, you might only pursue positions that can support the lifestyle you want to live. However, many people don’t find their dream jobs — or the highest-paying jobs — on the first shot.

2. Using a cookie-cutter résumé When you’re applying for the same position with different companies, you might be tempted to print multiple copies of the same résumé and cover letter. But beware, hiring managers are good at spotting cookie-cutter or generic resumes. “It’s better to apply to fewer jobs and ensure you can demonstrate the skills required than apply to lots and hope.”

3. Being afraid to take risks College prepares students for careers, but getting a job isn’t the only option after graduation. If you’re a natural entrepreneur with dreams of being your own boss and controlling your income, you might want to launch a business immediately after finishing school. This doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t find a job after college. However, if you’re able to live at home or with a roommate, you might be able to work a part-time gig and devote the other half of your time to growing your own company.

5. Ignoring an employer’s 401(k) plan College isn’t cheap, and many grads juggle costly student debt and other expenses. It’s understandable that saving for retirement might be the last thing on their minds. But “it’s never too early to start saving and let your money grow,” “Get in the habit of saving before your paycheck hits your checking account. You can increase the amount gradually, and when your employer matches your contributions, you’ll get free money.”

6. Not developing a thick skin Most employees spend 40 hours with the same people every week, sometimes in stressful circumstances. You might not get along with everyone, but this doesn’t mean you should hop from job to job every time an issue arises, or else you’ll spend your career running from problems instead of dealing with them. “A series of bad situations and quick moves raises questions about your good judgment and your maturity.

7. Lacking business etiquette skills. Just as you’re expected to behave like an adult in college, you must behave maturely in a professional setting.“No matter how technically brilliant you are, a lack of business and social skills could hold you back from prime academic, social and future career opportunities,”

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3 Responses to Career Mistakes that New College Grads Should Avoid

  1. These are actually some great tips. Thank you. I’ve been struggling to find decent work in schools so I’ve had to resort to an alternative: tutoring. It’s a nice experience don’t get me wrong but working in a school and changing lives is my dream. It’s been two years since I graduated and I haven’t reached that yet. But I’m working on it.

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