Talking Bananas

The first batch of bananas Stacey Truman decorated in October 2018. (Stacey Truman)

Going through my purging basket, the photo of the bananas caught my eye as they “spoke” kind words such as “Be kind” “Smile” and a plethora of other positive sayings. I settled into my seat to learn just who this cafeteria manager was. Stacey Truman is a woman who had found her purpose in nourishing children physically and mentally. Truman patiently spends 45 minutes every morning writing messages of hope on each banana with a black marker. Truman genuinely cares and wants children to know they are loved. What I especially appreciate is that she does this without being directed or asked. I love how this grabbed social media’s attention, bringing in Dole fruit company (who delivered 540 bananas to the school — one for every student). Now kids who bring lunches from home are coming in with talking bananas from their parents. I really love that. Writing on a banana is such a simple thing, but it has an impact.

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