Excerpt from a Career Journal: Dream Killer

_________mother called me today, enraged. It was hard for me to interrupt her. She started telling me children are too young to learn about my workshop. That my workshops were too generic, and how I do not have the credentials to be discussing finances. She went on about how I will never get ahead if I keep up my negative attitude and sending negative emails. The only positive thing she said was “Just because you teach your kids doesn’t mean they will learn.” It is clear I hit a hot button with her.

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Reading this excerpt, I remember that it was post graduate school. I was thinking about starting my own nonprofit. It goes to show everyone is not going to buy into your dreams, and that is okay. That is often just a branch you need to prune to grow, as some individuals have long ago placed you in a box. I have also learned when someone is pissed off about something you said or did it’s worth pausing, reflecting, and asking, “Why are you so upset?”

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