Excerpt from a Career Journal: Teen Coordinator

I think I found a job that will begin to help me build the foundation for _________. The position is Teen Coordinator. I would be working and coming up with activities for youth. First, I must get past the interview process, which involves creating an activity. Lord I ask that your will be done, and you guide me, and touch the heart of the people that interview me. I am thinking about doing the Name Game, with a twist. It would be awesome if I had a cool ball that lit up, made funny noises, and was texturized. The game would go as follows: My name is ______ my friends call me _________. I would then toss the ball to another person they would repeat the information, tell something about themselves. This would go on and on and until the last person would have to repeat all the information (ideally that person would be me). The point of the game is to see how well one listens and to see what one has in common.

Publish in an open access journal | Emerald Publishing

I am unaware how this interview went as memory fades with age, but I am aware I did not get the job. There was a post-it stuck to this entry that reads: “Failure is just a way for our lives to show us we’re moving in the wrong direction. We should try something different. — Nothing comes easily but if you persistently press on, you will one day be able to show you made it.”

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