Sitting Properly

My sister in law visits occasionally. As soon as she sees my couch or armchair, she takes off her shoes and curls up on the seat. I find it disgusting. I’m used to sitting properly.- I try to have good manners, and I teach my child to do the same. My husband says I should accept people as they are. Am I overreacting.

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I have a no shoe, pet, or smoking policy in my home Besides those rules, I have none. I want guests to feel welcome and comfortable. I have a large sectional that just begs for friends and family to curl up in a relaxing position in their bare feet or socks and relax. I cannot fathom someone coming to my home and having to “sit- proper”.  I am glad Catherine Newman feels the same and replied to this individual as follows “Think of manners as a seesaw, at some point your insistence on properness can ironically tip over into impoliteness… just spritz the couch with Febreze and move on” Do you believe this woman is overreacting?

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