Therapeutic Notes:3 Functions of Supervision

My career journal is filled with scraps of paper, my dreams, countless questions, and thoughts; all of which bring a flood of memories with one powerful statement, which is “I wish someone would have told me this.” So, I’ll be the one telling you.

SOAP notes counseling
  • Administrative supervision– Concerned with the correct, effective, and appropriate implementation of agency policy and procedures. The primary goal is to ensure adherence to policy, procedure, and effective delivery of service.
  • Supportive Supervision- Concerned with supervisee morale and work satisfaction. The primary goal is to enhance morale and satisfaction with work.
  • Educational supervision concerned with helping supervisee acquire knowledge and skills to be competent practitioners. The primary goal is to help students understand how coursework is translated into practice.

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  1. I was reading Obama latest book on this weekend and it melted my heart when I saw where he wrote that he writes in a journal daily. 🙂

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