Please Show Courtesy to Job Applicants

It takes two or three hours to write a specific cover letter, customize the resume, and go through all the ridiculous, dehumanizing, online hoops to apply for even a low-paying, part-time job, yet a business can’t spend one minute to send even a simple reply? Many applicants are your customers, you know. Or now former customers. This is your community, we’re your neighbors and you are rude. –RANT

Are you hiring? Show courtesy to applicants. - The Washington Post

We all know how critical it is for applicants to exhibit and maintain great manners when applying for jobs, but it is just as important for employers to be courteous to job applicants. Here’s what companies can do to ensure they are displaying professional courtesy with applicants.

Acknowledge all applicants. This seems like common sense, but common sense often is not followed. All applicants should receive a “thank you” for applying email. This sends a professional, positive message letting them know that you received their materials and appreciate the fact they took the time to apply. It can be short. What’s important is that it is sent in a timely manner.

Be honest about the application process. It is important to let applicants know what is involved in the process itself. Let them know what is to be expected at each stage of the process (e.g., completing an application from, getting letters of reference, being interviewed by several people, completing assessments tools etc.)

Inform applicants about the results of the process. There is nothing more aggravating to applicants than when employers say they will get back to them and don’t. Even an email back to candidate about the process would be helpful.

Make sure your hiring staff members who a are well trained, diverse, polite, knowledgeable, and professional. As an employer, you may think you have a great recruiter, but it is important to periodically get feedback from applicants.

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2 Responses to Please Show Courtesy to Job Applicants

  1. Michelle says:

    Too true, I work in HR and we respond to every applicant and always respond in a manner that we would like to be repsonded to. Of course not everyone can get the job but everyone can be treated with empathy and respect.

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    • msw blog says:

      I find it wonderful that your employer HR, department replies to applicants. That is such a simple simple powerful act for job seekers to know their application has not gone into the abyss. 


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