Green Clean: Fridge Edition

Even if you’re not the type to keep an itemized list of everything in your fridge, designate a prominent spot in your refrigerator for leftovers. That way you’ll remember to turn that 1⁄2 cup of beans and 1⁄4 cup of rice into koshari instead of forgetting them in the very back until it’s too late. —Sarah Jampel

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4 Responses to Green Clean: Fridge Edition

  1. Great Idea, especially if you have an old deep fridge. I have been thinking of putting a basket to put left overs in to keep them together.

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  2. This made me laugh. I cooked the other day and told baby boy. He goes, “Did you cook it today?” He hates left overs unless its Thanksgiving food. Always has and I think he always will. He’s fell on hard times b/4 and he still won’t eat left overs. He’s just get a honey bun and a Gatorade.

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