This You?

I am a college student who returned to campus this semester. Since I’ve been back, my absolute hero has been the doctor who runs student health services. I’ve asked her a million questions about Covid-19, and she always makes time to answer them. The problem: Yesterday, I saw her walking into a shop without a mask.  Now what?


Reading this made me roll my eyes, because haven’t MOST of us had the moment when you walk out the house, get out the car or get to a store, and see your reflection in the glass and say “Shit I forgot my mask”, to only quickly retrieve it. This is a moment where we as individuals should be giving grace and offer someone grace.  However, if a individual has witnessed this more than once, with the same individuals I suggest they muster up the courage to ask, “What’s up?”, but be prepared not to receive an answer, as the individual may have a health condition that you are not privy to,or simply feel they do not owe you an explanation. How would you handle this situation ?

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2 Responses to This You?

  1. adguru101 says:

    I’ve forgotten to grab my mask on more than one occasion even though I have boatloads in my car. So I agree — assume this is a small lapse and not hypocrisy!

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