Family Affair

Usually there are 20 of us, or even more than that. Basically all my grandmother’s children, her grandkids, and her great-grandkids. We all sit around the table together, and there’s no space at all, and it’s one of the most fun things. But unlike any holiday ever before, this year’s dinner will be set for only five—my husband, my kids, and me. I got teary-eyed thinking about it. 

But there will be some good things about it. I’ve tried to be creative a few times in the past—I’m a professional (I have my own bakery, Crust By Mack in Baltimore)!—and it has not gone over well with my family. They’re like, “Oh, you can do that for the cookout or for game night.” They want really traditional Thanksgiving food. But I wanna have some fun! These desserts are an homage to the traditions I can’t wait to get back to, except I’m putting my own spin on them this year. And I’m gonna put them right in the center of my table – Amanda Mack. 

How to Host a Virtual Dinner Party, Seamlessly | Chatelaine
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4 Responses to Family Affair

  1. Sheree says:

    More than 20 wow! I have just two sisters, that’s it.

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  2. somdattadeb says:

    Wish you’ll enjoy the cozy dinner

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