Powerful Conversation

While racism is a deeply complex and difficult issue to tackle, I personally do not want to continue having the same conversations about race relations three years from now because that would mean we have not made enough progress. Our goal should be to move the needle forward. Leaders across all companies should hold themselves and their teams accountable for creating a more inclusive and diverse organization.

And what does accountability look like? Employees should have meaningful “get-to-know-you” conversations with people of different backgrounds and perspectives. That way we can all better relate to one another, personally and professionally. Companies need to have tangible metrics and accountability around those metrics in their hiring and promoting practices. If six months or one year passes by and our companies do not witness meaningful progress toward hiring and creating a more diverse workforce, then you would know that this call to action was not taken seriously.

We have to hold each other accountable, otherwise this moment and movement will be lost. We cannot let this opportunity pass us by. Nor can we dwell on why things are the way they are. We must start making progress today and that momentum cannot dissipate in the coming months and years.

Diversity and inclusion must be at the core of a company’s mission. It has to be foundational to the corporate philosophy. Getting to know people who are from different ethnic and racial backgrounds creates an appreciation for their differences and their similarities. This, in turn, can be an important component toward building and creating more successful, diverse and inclusive companies. – David Miree

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  1. Stand for something or fall for anything. That part!


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