Intimate Conversation

How do couples start conversation around intimacy and sex? For women, the biggest thing is being comfortable with your body and knowing what please you. Often , we don’t have a clue, but we want our partner to figure it out. It helps if you do some body discovery work, to learn wat feels good to you- and then you can show your partner. Not necessarily by always telling them, but in the moment, guiding their hands and using some of those nonverbal cues could be very helpful.

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2 Responses to Intimate Conversation

  1. My oldest sister once told me to learn how to stimulate myself. She said if I can’t do it I shouldn’t expect someone to know how. Well I tried. I was dry as a cardboard box. I’m 50 years old and don’t know how to stimulate myself. But sure do know how to point and shift my dude in the right place.

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    • msw blog says:

      I agree with your sisters an individual should not ask for anything they are unable to do for self. In saying that there are some great upscale sex shops that are female run and cater to women like Babeland that teach courses on stimulation, and a host of other erotic topics. I am unsure how they pivoted since the pandemic, but it is worth looking into.


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