Depressed While Black

Nibokum used to think depression was a “white person’s disease.” she says “My mom raised us to believe that Black people are strong; we don’t get depression. And prayer is how we cope – not therapy or medication. Then , in graduate school she had symptoms of severe depression and borderline personality disorder, with multiple suicide attempts. A therapist eventually helped her get better. This inspired her to create Depressed While Black , an online community and blog to share experiences through the Black lens and show that yes, Black people can get depressed and deserve care and connect them to Black mental health professionals. Depressed While Black is also a nonprofit that donates personal care items – hair oil, body butter, and lip balm to psychiatrics hospitals “Hospitals don’t provide Black hair supplies, which patients needs to care for themselves in a way that gives them dignity. We already have feelings of shame and inadequacy. When we don’t have the right grooming supplies, it makes it hard to be present in out bodies. How do you take part in group therapy when you can’t concentrate because you feel like a mess? – Imade Nibokum

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  1. I’m h my I love this. I was brought up to use prayer instead of counseling. But oh my oh my, I’ve been in counseling since 2018 and I love it.

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