Markings of Love

Pen marks on the wall with scribbled names and dates. I was 15th at a friends house when I saw one. Her mom had markings, in assortment of colors, of every child from birth to full height with all the dates, some with hearts and smiley faces. As I started flipping houses in my late 20s, whenever I would come upon these markings, relators would apologize and things like ‘You can paint over that! and I would assure them that not only would I avoid painting over it, but i would love to find the family and cut out the piece of wood. I think this touch point of a warm, welcoming home gives children a sense of foundation, and the more they feel like they have a place to call home, the better chance they will turn out as kind compassionate humans. – Holly Williams

children's growth chart Writeable Growth Chart image 0

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