How Much Should You Tip ?

Now that we use credit cards to pay for coffees and ice cream cones, I’ve gotten used to seeing payment screens that show tip options. I consider these tips income transfers (from me to workers) rather than gratuities for services rendered. (Does scooping ice cream really require a tip?) Still, I was shocked recently when I used a credit card to pay for a carpet cleaning service and was shown tip options from five to 20 percent. It was uncomfortable to press “no tip” in front of the workers. But the service cost $700, so even a 10 percent tip would have raised the price significantly. I think these payment systems bully consumers. What do you think?

I have written on tipping before you can read about it here.  My thought process is the same, “tipping should depend on your relationship with the service provider and your budget.” I am a firm believer one should never tip out of guilt, and you should always tip cash.  I, however, can relate to this individual, as I recently got a new sofa, and new blinds installed, and the workers were amazing.  Requesting to move artwork off the walls, so they would not damage it, being mindful of my chandelier, and putting on booties to not dirty up my stair runner, or markup my floors, I would of happily tipped them each $10, not a ton, but enough for a cup of coffee, or enough for a pizza pie lunch, and drinks if they combined their tips. Unfortunately, their employers did now allow them to accept tips. What is your philosophy on tipping?

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9 Responses to How Much Should You Tip ?

  1. Sheree says:

    In Europe, people don’t tip much because service is included in the price. Staff are paid a reasonable wage and people tend to round things up. I however generally tip, though not if the service hasn’t been as per expectations, because I spent many a year working in hospitality while studying. You remember those that tip!

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  2. Michelle says:

    In Australia, we dont tip much either. We are very similar to Sheree’s comment above. We are are more likely to tip very good service.

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  3. Tipping should be because you received exceptional service, not because some corporate executive decided it is necessary. I don’t like to put it on a computerized system because I never know if the person that gave that exceptional service gets the benefit.

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    • msw blog says:

      I agree I too do not tip on computerized systems. I always tip in cash, so that the person who has gone above and beyond is immediately awarded for their services.


  4. adguru101 says:

    I’ll only tip on computerized systems at small businesses — that way I know it’s going to the right person. But I wish we would do away with tipping in the US and simply pay people a reasonable wage.


    • msw blog says:

      Livable wages for all are apart of the American dream. I never thought about electronically tipping at small business, as I always been a firm believer in cash tips. I am also sure tipping in any other method the business is not getting the full percentage.


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