DIY Stair Runner

The UPS guy rung the bell to inform me of my delivery. He wanted to make sure I was home, because if I was not, he was going to place the runners under my porch to not block our entrance. I followed him back to his truck, confident I could carry one 10-foot runner. When my neighbor, who was walking with his son, stopped to help; he inquired about my project. I told him I was going to try to convince my sister to install new stair runners. He politely asked if he could see the project. I showed him my stairs. The stairs throughout our home had seen better times. He looked at his son and said we could do this. I looked at him and his seven-year-old and laughed. He rambled off a shopping list (some quality padding and two 2x4s) and informed me he would be over on Friday. I inquired about cost. He waved his hands and said, “If you can’t depend on your neighbors, who can you depend on”? I don’t know what amazed me more- this wonderful act of kindness, the finish project, or both… In the end the stairs makes the the entrance its the first thing one notices when entering our home. The stairs have been another mini makeover that has made a huge impact to my home and entryway.

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2 Responses to DIY Stair Runner

  1. adguru101 says:

    What a wonderful story… and the stairs look great!

    Liked by 1 person

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