Barriers To A Thriving Data Visualization Culture | by David Mora |  Nightingale | Medium

Write down your vision, and act on them

“I would like to work towards better maternal health, like pregnancy. I’ve had three babies born in my family last year. One, the baby went home, but the mother was still at the hospital. Another one, the baby was helicoptered off to a hospital four hours away, but the mother wasn’t taken with her. I think babies and mothers should always be kept together no matter what. That baby should never have left her side. I think mothers need their babies as much as babies need the moms, and when you separate them, you’re just creating trauma. That’s something that recently has really come to my attention that in this day and age in this country with the healthcare that we have and the science that we have available and the funds that we have in a first-world country, we do not keep the mother and baby together. It just seems really a natural, normal thing that we should do and I don’t know why we don’t do it. I also think that this country needs to make more allowances for paternity leave and maternity leave.” Melissa Joan Hart

“I would immediately work toward sensible gun control. Red flag laws. A man who has been accused of domestic violence, who has committed domestic violence, should not get to own a gun. Bottom line. Start there. Then you ban assault rifles. We don’t need military-style rifles on our streets. I would not take away the Second Amendment. I would just apply sensible gun laws. Background checks. Universal background checks. That’s maybe first day in office. Then I’d raise the minimum wage, so people have a living wage and equal pay. Women still make seventy cents to the dollar. Women of color, less. It’s ridiculous. I would make sure that my cabinet is at least 50 percent female, representing and reflecting what our country is.” Christine Lahti

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  1. The Bible teaches write it down and make it plain.

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