What makes this season so special, how can you celebrate that? It’s easy to lose focus with busy schedules and so much to do but reflect for a minute about what this season is about for YOU—reconnect with that. Trim the distractions and bring your attention and energy to this. What is one thing you can do to spread the message of hope? The message of this season is hope. It’s a powerful message that you can spread simply by showing up for others with love, kindness, acceptance, acknowledgment, support, and encouragement. Who can you connect with today? Whether that’s eye contact & a smile to a stranger, asking a colleague how they’re doing, or playing a board game with your kiddo—be really intentional about connecting (not just being in the same space) with the people this week. 

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2 Responses to Encouragement

  1. Life has a way of forcing us to reflect. Pity on those that ignore the warning.


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