Real Life Rants

rant alert – NorthmanTrader

RANT to the ice cream store server who refused to give my husband a glass of water when he clearly had something caught in his throat. “But it’s the rule,” is the excuse we got. It took my bellowing out, “But he’s choking!” for them to bend the rule. Yes, rules are rules, but that’s no reason to throw all common sense and compassion out the window! With empty cups and a water faucet next to you, it was an easy task. People, bring back some logic please!

RANT to thieves at Floral Hills. I went there to visit my husband’s grave only to find the little pot with an evergreen next to his headstone was gone. When I reported this to the staff, I was told I was not the only one whose relative’s gravesite flowers had been taken. Shame on you for your lack of respect for our dead and for those who may still be grieving for their loved ones.

RANT to dishonest people. My daughter is out of work. When she was moving to save on rent, she left her purse on top of her vehicle and drove off thinking it was in the car. I hoped the person who found it would contact her. So far their greed is more important. She replaced her cards and driver’s license, but the cash is gone.

RANT to grocery stores that require you to purchase four or more items to receive the sale price. All this does is cause people to hoard, because if you just want one or two items, you have to pay full price.

RANT to the large, nearly empty piercing shop that turned us away because bringing my 4-year-old to her sister’s first ear piercing was “too many people.” How else is a single mom supposed to take her daughter to get her ears pierced? I get that you need to have some restrictions, but please learn to have a little compassion. What should’ve been a fun, memorable day was filled with tears and disappointment. 

RANT to people who walk down the one-way supermarket aisles in the wrong direction. Choosing your convenience over public health is one of the reasons the pandemic continues.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the Amazon delivery person who gave me an excuse to check on three neighbors the other morning. Rant to them for placing six packages on our doorstep the previous night that were for three different addresses, none of which were ours.

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  1. I never understood why folks drink water while choking. Clear the airways…….

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