The Price of Shipping

Several months ago, our friend and neighbor flew across the country to be with her ailing mother. Unfortunately, her mother passed away during the visit. So, our neighbor telephoned and asked us to ship some clothes that would be appropriate for a funeral by overnight mail. (We’d exchanged house keys for emergency use.) She said she would reimburse us for the shipping cost. My wife selected the clothes, and I took them to UPS and paid $147 to ship them. But, apparently, the thought of reimbursing us hasn’t occurred to her since she returned home. Should I remind her, or write off her debt? MIFFED

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Personally, I would let this go as a gesture of good will between neighbors. If you feel differently, though, remind her about it. Say, “I still have the receipt for the clothes we shipped to you for your mother’s funeral. It came to $147.”The only thing I ask is that you try to tamp down feeling “miffed” before you talk to her. Losing a parent is a big deal, and all sorts of details can get lost in the grief. That’s no disrespect to you or the kindness you showed your neighbor.

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