He Kept Falling for Me

For seven years I tried to make it work, but his height came between us. Joe Pye Weed was so tall that he would routinely fall over, relying on me for support. We both looked silly. He was gorgeous when the light hit him just right. But today I dug him out of my life. Joe was a good plant; we just weren’t good together, so I posted on Facebook that he was available. A woman in a BMW arrived, walked across my lawn and said, “He’s perfect.” Then, Joe was gone. I only sort of hope he’s happy. — Caitlin Francke Boyle

Crystal Blackledge's fiddle-leaf fig takes over a corner of a room.
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5 Responses to He Kept Falling for Me

  1. Sheree says:

    Looks as Joe was taking over

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  2. And I wonder if she misses Joe??????

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    • msw blog says:

      Boyle, does say, “I only sort of hope he’s happy.” which to me implies she misses Joe. I have two Ficus Lyrata, and I would greatly miss the one in my vestibule, as she is the stunning beautiful “guard” that watches over our home, and whom we long ago learned to dance with and around.

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