Mini Makeover: Paint Edition

Leftover Sample Paint Pots – Update a Bookshelf Dress up plain white bookshelves with a quick color makeover. Use a brush or disposable foam roller to prime the face frame of a bookcase and front edge of shelves; let dry. Apply two coats of a single color of sample paint, allowing each coat to dry. Top with a coat of clear wax or matte varnish for extra protection.

teal painted bookcase lime green wall pouf
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2 Responses to Mini Makeover: Paint Edition

  1. Sis you be all in my life. I’m looking for a bookcase now. I found one that has the beautiful LED lights. I plan to buy it next month. However, it’s more cute than useful. I have over 300 books and that bookcase won’t hold them but it’s so cute. It’s by Merble. I think thats the brand. Not too expensive either.

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