Change Culture Through the media

You often say that you aim to change culture through the media. Whether through your production company or the digital lifestyle community, Poderistas, you cofounded, is there a blueprint you follow to create transformative media?

Artist and activist Favianna Rodriguez says cultural change comes before policy changes, and we can change culture through media. For example, look at when I Love Lucy was on TV and people welcomed Ricky Ricardo into their homes. Then when the Cuban crisis happened, there was a consensus that Cubans were great. It’s the same with marriage equality. Before the Supreme Court ruled on same-sex marriage, TV shows like Ellen and Roseanne got people comfortable with it. So, for me, I’m always thinking about the imagery we can be putting out that people who don’t interact with us will watch. I’m thinking about what I can show that will make them laugh, relate, cry, and be entertained and will also make them less hesitant or less scared of change. We have the power to change culture through television and film.

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