What the HELL are Fava Beans?

The pods looked like oversized edamame, which is often a movie snack in my home. So, I clicked on them and added them to my produce box order. When they arrived, I was shocked at how large they were. I cracked open a pod, and it looked like a lima bean- leaving me to ask “What the hell are these? How do I cook them?” Thanks to Google, I learned fava beans are a member of the pea family, though they are also known as broad beans, pigeon beans, horse beans, and Windsor beans (seriously, could a pea have any more names?). I also learned they do not taste like edamame. Fava beans have a silky but firm texture and a bit of a creamy, earthy, nutty, slightly sweet, and slightly bitter flavor. Although they look like lima beans, fava beans are less starchy and have a milder taste.

Once I knew what they were, I searched for “summer fava bean recipes” (It’s way too hot to be making soup or cutting the oven on). The first recipe that popped up was “Grilled Fava Beans With Mint, Lemon Zest, And Sumac”. I skimmed the recipe and thought “got it!”.

Please note, I only used this recipe as inspiration, as I already had a homemade citrus dressing in the fridge from earlier in the week (I can’t supply the recipe as I didn’t make it), and I didn’t use just mint, but a mix of herbs from my gardening. I also washed and tossed my Fava Beans in lemon, olive oil, and pink sea salt, and tossed them on the grill.

Verdict– I thought these were a fun finger food, and the dressing made a light meal, served with wine. My spouse thought the pods were slimy and not an appetizing dish. Would I buy Fava Beans again? Probably not, but I am curious if you have tried them and how you prepared them.

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2 Responses to What the HELL are Fava Beans?

  1. adguru101 says:

    Not a fan either, but grilling is likely the most appealing preparation, LOL.

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