From Mother to Mother

Nothing makes you want to be mothered quite so much as becoming a mother yourself. I felt like a scared child, utterly lost, responsible for nurturing a life while feeling entirely unqualified to do so. But my mother filled my freezer with casseroles, held my baby so I could rest, drew me a bath when I got home. When I cried without knowing why, she held me. She showed me how to do this, just as she has shown me my whole life. She gave me everything I need, so I can do the same for my son. — Maureen Goss

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3 Responses to From Mother to Mother

  1. Oh my I’ve always felt like I was created to be a mother. Even when I was making children without being married, I still felt like that was normal. Like I was suppose to carry a child in my womb. It’s a beautiful feeling that I wish I could experience again.

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