I was reminded of something someone once told me : “Thinking of a compliment and not saying it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it “It helps me remember that we have power to turn someone’s day around – Audey Lin

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9 Responses to Compliment

  1. Reaseaorg says:

    Positive affirmation can be so helpful 🙂

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  2. An excellent quotation


  3. Oh I love this. And how about just because someone gives you a compliment you don’t have to give one back. A simple thank you is sufficient. Also, when someone compliments you don’t try to push it back. What I mean by that is when someone says, “Oh that is a beautiful dress!” Don’t go saying, “oh this little ole thing!” Simply say thanks. You never know what a person is struggling with and they may be working on some inner strength and rejecting that compliment can damage them. Momma calls it, “cutting off someone’s blessing!” Don’t do that.

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