Reinventing Themselves

I try to “reinvent” with every breath I take, but I am always the same person. Every time I am willingly to acknowledge my thoughts, I let them go and come back to the freshness of the present moment. – Peter Langer

The pandemic forced me, like most folks I know, to create new rituals. Instead of writing, teaching, and hopping on planes every week, I became one of those people whose daily pleasure was parking at the dog park and listening to music until I fell asleep. That’s a beautiful day to me now. -Kiese Laymon

I go into each chapter of my life with an open mindedness that allows me to become a better version of myself. Whether it’s major shifts in setting or changes in my perception of the world brought on by scholarly thinkers such as Bell Hooks, reinvention means allowing our mind to be malleable. -Xavier Scott Marshall

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2 Responses to Reinventing Themselves

  1. Oh my yesterday I took my final in Medsurg, of which I think I failed, but I had gotten up and prayed and let my babies out. Oh my the sky was so beautiful. The orange and gold bounced off my patio so beautifully. I tried to come upstairs and get a photo of it but by the time I got back and tried to get my blinds up to take the picture it was gone. Just like that. I smiled and thought that it was a sign that I’d do well on my exam. Now, this morning my head hurts b/c I’m afraid to fail a class. I’ve never failed a class b/4 in my life. So……

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    • msw blog says:

      Sometimes images are just supposed to be captured in our mind, and memories. Robert F. Kennedy , had a great quote reguaguaring failure “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”

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