I have never written to you before, but was compelled to reply to the letter from “Worried” who was concerned about her elderly mother-in-law sending money to charities who sent her solicitations.

When my mother was in her senior years and on a low fixed income, she was constantly getting those solicitations, and I never paid much attention until one day she mentioned she just didn’t have enough money to “pay” all of these.

She was interpreting them as bills and felt that they needed to be paid.

Please advise people who experience this with older people to pay close attention to why they are sending money.

Feeling charitable is one thing, but feeling impelled to pay a “bill” is quite another.

And some of these solicitations do look like bills, do they not? – Concerned

Dear Concerned: Yes – some of these charity solicitations do look like bills!Thank you for illuminating this issue; I hope your mother’s comment will help other families to make sure their elders are giving for the correct reason.

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5 Responses to Solicitations

  1. Reaseaorg says:

    Very important issue. No one in retirement should feel they are unable to afford essentials 🙂

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