Fun Things to Do on Your Anniversary

Have a Cook-Off at Home For an economical option, one person cooks dinner, and the other’s on dessert duty. Whoever’s recipe turns out best doesn’t have to do the dishes.

Plan to Make Each Other Homemade Gifts That means no expensive jewelry or pricey material things. Give something from the heart like a photo album of memories or an

Attend a Local Mixology Class You can learn to whip up little-known cocktails with the help of a professional. Try a new spirit or stick to one of your favorites. How’s that for a party trick?

Spend the Evening Reminiscing Look through old photos, videos, and love letters to remember how you started out and take stock of how far you’ve come. This is also a great opportunity for you to write a love note to each other, expressing your feelings.

Rewind and Re-Create Your First Date Whether it’s been six months or six years, there’s no better way to remember the good old days. Head to the same place you had your first date, and enjoy reliving the memories.

Head Outdoors Your anniversary calls for an adventure. If you live in the mountains, embark on a hike. If you’re close to the beach, hit the sand for a day of sun.

Keep It Simple Busy days mean you need to slow down and appreciate the little things. If your day falls during the week, enjoy breakfast in bed before rushing off to work or leave a sweet note by your partner’s bedside.

Get Creative Pick a romantic piece of art to re-create at a paint and sip class (don’t forget to BYOB)— then hang the masterpiece as a remembrance. Even if you’re not artsy, this is a fun way to try something new together.

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Take a Cooking Class Sign up for a cooking class to take your culinary skills to the next level and learn something new together. Whether you both love to cook or one of you tends to handle dinner more than the other, enjoy learning a few new skills together.

Stay In order your favorite takeout, grab a bottle of wine, and share good conversation with one another right at home. Low pressure, but still a great time.

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