RAVE -Little Acts of Thoughtfulness

RAVE to a kind grocery shopper. I am 86 and do my shopping every Tuesday morning at a store in Burien. I go early because my partner has Alzheimer’s disease, and it works for me to go early. I never take my purse with me anymore as I’ve gotten robbed in the parking lot, so I usually only bring my ID and credit card. I forgot my credit card yesterday, so I asked to put my grocery cart aside while I called my son to come to the store and pay. Well, this young man behind me in line said, “No, I will pay it in memory of my mom.” I told him that he could not do that as $165 was too much. He would not let me pay him back, send the money to him or anything. He said his mama would want him to do it, and I was speechless. I will pay it forward, for sure.

RAVE to the Broadview librarian who made my son’s day. My son had been told that the Seattle Public Library has a summer passport booklet and was excited to pick one up and visit every library in Seattle to get it stamped. When we asked for one at the Broadview Library we were initially told that program had expired, but another librarian overhead us and found one in the office area. He even stamped it with the Broadview Library stamp! Awesome! My son was so happy, he read to me from the passport booklet all the way home. We’ll be visiting every library in Seattle this summer thanks to the librarian at Broadview!

RAVE to a helpful ferry passenger. This week, our adult son was catching the Bremerton ferry and had a problem with his Orca card. He is autistic, so this situation put him into a panic. A very generous, kind woman took notice and bought him a ticket. He was very relieved and thankful, as are we, his parents!

RAVE to the kind man who picked up my bill at a big-box store in West Seattle. I was so embarrassed to have forgotten my wallet and my mobile payment wouldn’t work. He said, “I’ve read about this happening to others and always wanted to do it for someone, and this is my turn.” I’m watching for mine!

RAVE to the good-hearted King County Metro bus drivers and motorists who stop for the ducks crossing the street from Green Lake Park.   Of course, they could fly across, but hey, it’s Seattle and the humans here don’t mind if they just waddle across the street!   Another rave to the kind drivers who also obey the law and stop to let (human) pedestrians cross at unmarked intersections.

RAVE to helpful grocery store customers. I use the electric carts that are in the grocery stores. The stores are so large that walking around is painful.   Rave to all the folks who ask if I need something that might be out of my reach. Rave to the man who saw me ride up to my car to unload my groceries. He offered to take the cart back into the store so I would not have to return it and then walk back. People can be so kind

RAVE to a West Seattle family for saving a birthday gift. I recently ordered a unique gift for my daughter online. For some reason, the package was delivered to the same address except it was delivered to S.W. not S., their house not mine. They gently opened the package and saw that it was unique and not for them. Through some Google sleuthing they found my address in Rainier Valley and drove with the whole family in tow from West Seattle to deliver it to me. In this day and age, not everyone would be so thoughtful and the outcome for my daughter’s birthday likely would have been very different. This proves there are still kind and thoughtful people in this world who don’t always just look out for themselves. Thank you again.      

RAVE to Ramon and his fellow employees at a downtown Seattle hardware store. As soon as I entered the store, they asked whether they could help me find something. Ramon gave me solid advice on different items I needed. I also needed a specific tool to remove my bathroom sink and he gave it to me and asked me to return it in the next few days, which I did. That would never happen with the other local competitors. Thank you all for exceptional service.

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2 Responses to RAVE -Little Acts of Thoughtfulness

  1. Wynne Leon says:

    I love these – make my day every time you publish them. Thank you, MSW!

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