Fun Things to Do on Your Anniversary

Enjoy an At-Home Spa Day Skip the spa and give each other relaxing massages. It’s a fun, intimate activity that you’ll both love.

Take Some Pictures Hire a professional to your photos. Pick a meaningful location to snap a few shots of you and your love. You can look back on the final prints year after year.

Hit the Road Head out on a spontaneous road trip and see where the drive takes you. You can start with a plan in mind or just start driving and see where you end up.

Renew Your Vows If you’re celebrating a wedding anniversary, why not make this year truly special and recommit your devotion to one another with a ceremony? Keep it small or invite all of your friends and family.

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6 Responses to Fun Things to Do on Your Anniversary

  1. Reaseaorg says:

    All sound great ideas 🙂

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