The Process

The process issue for most people, process is what you go through to get somewhere: to finish a piece of work, to arrive at a location to achieve an outcome or a result. It’s everything that must be awarded through and endured. But the reality is that the process is where most of us spend the vast majority of our lives as we grow, strive, change, and evolve. It’s where we develop skills, build muscles, and discover who we are or want to be, and the direction in which that experience can take us are often very different from any we ever imagined. Process is where we find our voices and hone our vision. In the realm of creativity, process is something that’s very rarely predetermined. it’s shaped by resources, access, availability, opportunity, family, community, social structures, even geography. Making things, especially things that have value, requires time, care and refinement. The process is an elemental art of the work. Fashion itself is an ongoing process – one of experimentation and discovery, of inspiration and self-expression, of world building and culture making. Process can feel like walking a tightrope, precious and tenuous. But it’s really a wide-open field where everything – and anything is possible. This issue looks at process as much more than a means to an end;  it’s the essence of what we do every day -as something to have faith in and embrace, to savor and enjoy! 

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