Photo Hosatge

With cellphones holding thousands of photos, I have found myself being held hostage by people searching their phones for photos.

These are the people who, in the middle of a conversation, get excited to show a particular picture.

Oftentimes, they need to scroll and scroll and scroll to find it. When they finally do, they shove their phone at your face without asking if you’d even like to see their photos.

This is not only disruptive to the conversation, but also very annoying to stand there and watch as they search and fumble.

How can I stop being an unwilling participant in this phone photo-pushing ritual?

Smiling and glancing at one photo only serves to inspire them to search for more.

– Tired

Dear Tired: I think of these enervating interruptions as “The Dead See Scrolls.” You might say, “Hey, why don’t you text that photo to me later … that way we can keep talking.”

Readers might have better suggestions. I’ll happily run them.

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2 Responses to Photo Hosatge

  1. A brilliant description of an annoying habit. I might say, which is true, that I don’t use my phone for photography, and if I did I would not save them – I do that on my computer which doesn’t waste time searching and interrupting the conversation.

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