Painful kitchen Drawer Clean Out

plj.jpgThe little red pitcher made me do it! Let me rewind. I found this cute pitcher- perfect for holding utensils. Opening the kitchen drawers and pulling out my utensils to organize, I could tell it was time for a kitchen drawer declutter. Here’s a walkthrough of my kitchen drawers. It’s my hope you will pick up some tips for streamlining the kitchen clutter.

First adjust your attitude before you open a drawer, clear a counter, or tackle a shelf. Give yourself an attitude adjustment and a glass of wine.  Then empty the dishwasher for quick clean-up and replacement of dusty items. Grab a box or reusable tote for donations and a trash can. I prefer one with trash already inside. That will prevent you from digging something out if you toss it in. Now declutter a single shelf, drawer, or cupboard at a time, no exceptions. You’ll stay focused and not become overwhelmed- I promise.

Now, when opening each drawer ask yourself a simple question: “When have I last used this item?” (This question is tricky with my spouse’s profession, but I learned a knife is his best friend) The answers will guide your decluttering decisions:

  • “Never!” You know that hostess gift you never use? Donate it or regift
  • “Within the last year.” Out it goes, with one exception: holiday cooking tools. Store them with the holiday decorations in a box marked Holiday Cooking Tools.
  • “Within last month” Watch for these items; they’re the backbone of an organized kitchen. Keep. They will be the star performers of your new, improved kitchen environment.

It is time to begin. It is at this point that you understand the truth about the best laid plans going astray.

Utensil drawer: why is there more in here than utensils? Deep breath, sip of wine, empty, clean, sort.  Donate, replace


Kitchen wear (cleaning towels and aprons): I am smiling as the drawer is pretty organized and needs just a bit of tidying. Victory is mine!


Junk drawer: Please don’t let someone open this drawer while looking for a spoon Deep breath, sip of wine with a side of crow. I always said I would NEVER have a junk drawer. I tried in the past to get rid of this problem- hence the blue boxes. One is filled with batteries, another with post it notes and coupons… oh, I tried. Sip of wine, clean, sort.  Trash, replace.

ju.jpgKitchen tools:  I am smiling as the drawer is pretty organized and needs just a bit of tidying. Victory is mine again! If you’re keep track, that’s two organized drawers and one unorganized.


Tupperware drawer: How did I end up with plastic containers? I bought glass containers with such good intentions. Oh well. This is a good time to refill your wine glass, as this process can take forever. You need to see if every container has a matching lid. If you’re wondering where glass containers are kept, they are on an upward shelf to prevent them from cracking.

Processed with MOLDIVCooking utensils drawer: I have no clue were all this crap came from, empty, clean, sort, donate. Tip wrap sharp knives in newspaper and place in Ziploc bag for donations.

Processed with MOLDIV

I’m very glad that I did this. I’m considering buying more containers, but for now I’m just enjoying the clean space. For more nontoxic  kitchen tips check out this post.




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9 Responses to Painful kitchen Drawer Clean Out

  1. I love the pitcher idea! I have a white and yellow striped one and I’m stealing this idea.


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  3. Very helpful article….well-thought out and presented so everyone can implement the ideas! Love it.

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  4. This all looks so familiar 🙂 Well done msw


  5. I adore your red pitcher, grand idea 👍

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