I’m Out of the Office ….


It is June, or what I like to refer to as summer! That means some time away from the office. While many of us dream of going to our happy place, we fret about the return to work and the dreaded email box. Well, fear not. I found the best article ever on how to deal with this- it even comes with a template. I even drafted my own email to read:

“I will be out of town until X date, and won’t be checking my e-mail. When I return on X+1 I will delete ALL e-mail I received while I was gone. I simply can’t imagine you sending me an email that is life or death (because, honestly, if you waited three weeks for a reply; then how are you still alive?). If this is an academic or clinical supervision emergency; please stop, take a deep breath, and remember to act now apologize later. Otherwise, I (like you) spend a full day frantically reacting to what I meant to leave behind when I went on vacation. I’m sure you know the feeling. SO, if you’re receiving this message and it’s urgent that you hear from me, please write me a new message on X+1 date or you can do yourself one better and find me in the children’s garden on X+1. I will answer your question in person while we all play in the dirt.”

What will your out of office say?



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7 Responses to I’m Out of the Office ….

  1. plankful says:

    Love it! Great post!!!!

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  2. Katrina says:

    I love this!!

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  3. I’m gone and never coming back 🙂


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