The Restaurant Critic’s Wife Meets Pasta

Real Life of an MSW

L, a great colleague, handed me the book The Restaurant Critic’s Wife by Elizabeth LaBan. L informed me that I had to toss my ridiculous rule out the window and read the book to the very end. Opening the book, I found a beautiful note card which read bring pasta (I had been tricked into a book club). I honored L’s request and finished the book; but it was a hard, annoying reading. This book is about an emotionally abusive husband named Sam, who makes his wife quit her job so he can further his career. He won’t let her have any friends. He freaks out if she talks to anyone (these are not spoiler alerts). Classic abuse scenario is that the abuser removes the victim from anyone who might serve as a support system. This pattern of behavior, which should be raising red flags, is explained away as being…

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3 Responses to The Restaurant Critic’s Wife Meets Pasta

  1. prior.. says:

    Fun post- impressed u finished the book –
    Ugh – and kept your word –
    And my heart aches for those stuck in abusive relations –
    Oh and the food photos were awesome and your book club sounds fun
    – and that shrimp seasoning recipe was nice as it was so from scratch (if hat makes sense) I’m so used to buying blends – 😉

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