Why did you become a social worker?

Real Life of an MSW

I am often asked “Why did you become a social worker?” My elevator speech is “To provide resources and be the voice for youth and young adults who do not have one”. However, if you invited me for tea and that was all I said, I would expect you to politely ask me for your $3.48 back. I just wasted your!@#$% time. You invite someone to tea because 1) You want to learn how they got to where they’re at. 2) You want them to help you get there, or at least give you some good advice to point you in that direction!

The long version is I want to help youth and young adults. I have first-hand knowledge and have professionally found this population to often be ignored and without a voice; particularly if they are residing in foster care, live in a disadvantage neighborhood, live in a state…

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