What the Hell is a Daikon Radish


Opening my very last Imperfect  Produce box, I spotted a daikon radish. I admit I can’t recall ever seeing or trying one. Believe me, I would have remembered, as it looked like some sex toy. Growing up below the poverty line and often hungry, I raised myself with the mindset to try everything once before you say you don’t like it. So, I cut off a slice and tried it. Let me say, disgusting is an understatement (Has anyone else tried this?). I told my spouse to try it and he looked at it and said, “Its bad- (Imperfect Produce is known for sending bad product) you see this?”


He pointed out the color difference between the rings. He proceeded to cut off a bad chunk, revealing a pure whiteness and handed me a slice. I simply refused to try it (yeah, I know what I said about trying everything once, and I did so that’s that). He then added it to salad and it was great. If I see this at my produce stand I may buy one and give it a go- any suggestions of what I should make?


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5 Responses to What the Hell is a Daikon Radish

  1. Pure Glory says:

    https://www.fruitsandveggiesmorematters.org/top-10-ways-to-enjoy-daikon-radish This gives a number of ways to use the daikon radish. I have enjoyed them for years.

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  2. driftyness says:

    That salad looks soooo good. I shouldn’t be this hungry at 1 in the morning

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