Own Your Essential Life

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 While purging articles, reflections, and comic strips I discovered an envelope of images and phrases (What else will I discover in this basket of mine?). It makes me think I was at one point in time going to create a vision board. I am not going to start a weekly post of how to create a vision board. I, however, did sit on my office floor and look through what was in the envelope. I found phrases like “If we can change the life of one girl we feel we’ve done our job” (dark navy in ink), “I Will” (bright green -print), “Happiness” (neon pink-print ), “Business” (brooding black -ink), “Dream Big” (yellow ink), “Financial Freedom” (evergreen -ink), “Finding Closure” (Polka dotted print) ,“Fun” (ocean blue ink), “Home Movies” (lavender ink), “Free Advice” (orange ink), “Ask Your Glam Squad” (bold dark print),“Connections” (leopard print ink), “The Miracle Woman” (written in cursive), and “Acceptance Speech” (bold navy ink). I looked at these phrases and images sprawled across the floor and had an ahh moment. I never made the board, but somehow I could say many of these phrases I accomplished, many of them and a lot of the images are now reflections in my own life. It left me thinking if you can dream it and put in the work, God will do the rest whether you hang your board or tuck it away to be discovered later like a time capsule.

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