How to Study your Business

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  • My first job as a fashion assistant required me to visit the warehouse monthly to help with shipping. It wasn’t glamours, but later, when I launched my own business-for the second time- I knew how to assemble a box, lay the clothes properly in it, prepare the bill of lading and ship it. Nothing should be beneath you when you’re learning. Don’t be in such a hurry to arrive.
  • Attitude is everything. My dad use used to whistle while he did housework because he was proud to own a house. If you think the work is a drag, then it will be. Keep learning and it will be fun.
  • Stop struggling alone. Relaunching a business was painful for me. I found support at the Small Business Administration, The American women’s economic development corporation and a women’s group at my church. Having a community of like-minded people will help you hang in there –
    -Tracy Reese



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2 Responses to How to Study your Business

  1. Well written nice attitude 👌
    Love your profession … Whatever level it is … It’s next to godliness 👍

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