Pumpkin Soup

A little repost from two years ago, because the trick or treaters are back and there is nothing  better than staying in and enjoying soup and a scary movie.

Real Life of an MSW


I enjoyed Halloween as a kid, going around collecting candy and eating it on the way to the next house (oh, the good old days). That was unless it was chilly and your Halloween costume got covered up by your coat. Ugh. This makes me love Halloween as an adult. I have no need to leave my home. I am now the house with the good candy (we hand out regular size candy bars. Costco always puts them on coupon). My home is also a safe relaxed haven for friends who don’t have a desire to put on a costume and go bar hopping. Instead, we prefer to marathon scary movies and drink and eat delicious food. If you’re in this camp, may I present you with the crowd pleaser of pumpkin soup? Yes, you have to use real pumpkin (treat). The canned stuff is not really pumpkin…

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2 Responses to Pumpkin Soup

  1. adguru101 says:

    Nothing more of a bummer than covering up a good costume with a coat!

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