Wound Healing and Care 🌱

Description of the major learning in this area for this quarter: This quarter my practicum instructor_, and I finally implemented our diversity workshop training by partnering with _. We both believed this would be a wonderful learning experience for the youth to learn more about the issues of social justice that reflected them such as age, class, color, and culture. Sadly, the workshop did not turn out be a wonderful learning opportunity for the youth. _ presenters didn’t seem to have a clear picture of oppression or how to relate to the homeless and foster care population. This left many youth questioning their own identity, and staff in a dilemma of how to fix this problem. As the intern, I thought it would be invaluable if the youth watched the film Do the Right Thing as it does a wonderful job illustrating race and racism. _ agreed, and after viewing the film some of the staff and residents had an open round table discussion about the film and how we were impacted by the workshop.

Student’s self-evaluation of competency and areas for growth: I am very competent in this area of social justice as a woman of color. I have always had and will continue to have an open dialogue with adolescents and young adults regarding the areas of social identity. I am sure I will continue to grow in this area throughout my time at _ and throughout my social worker career.

Practicum Instructor’s evaluation of student learning in this area for this quarter : _ definitely has a passion for social justice and teaching diversity. During this quarter, she was able to see how other people view diversity and how trainings don’t always go how you expect them to go. She was able to “close the wound” that was opened by _. _ is learning how to teach diversity to adolescents which has been a great learning experience for her.

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Wow. Honestly, I had forgotten all about this incident. Perhaps because life is too short for racism, oppression, stupidity, and bullshit. I do applaud my 20-year-old self for thinking quickly on my feet and suggesting movie night and an open dialogue about race, as that’s the only way we can began to heal and understand each other. I also learned young adults are more likely to participate when it does not feel like homework.

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