Dare to Recharge – Let me Reintroduce myself


Real life confession: I have never read the book “Daring Greatly” by Brown. Yes, I know she’s a social worker and a damn good one. Though I digress, I checked the book out when it came in at the library, and then life got busy so I had to return it. Then I tried to listen to it as a book on tape, again thanks to the kindness of my library. I quickly learned that Brown is the type that makes you want to sit up in bed and jot down notes and sip your tea or wine and ponder. So, nope, I never finished it then either. Time would not allow it, so back to the library it went.

Today I came across this article (Dare to Recharge) and I vowed to purchase the book and read it this summer. In the meantime, here are my thoughts on this article. I never thought like Brown as a social worker. I came into this game with Robinson and Taft’s 1930s functional approach theory, which is based on growth with the center of change residing in the client, not the social worker. Emphasis is on releasing the client’s power for choice and growth “helping rather than treating. — principle beginning, middle, ending use of structure; deemphasize diagnose; function and use of relationship – clinician and client enter into relationship with lack of knowledge regarding how it will turn out; client and worker discover it together.”

I am a firm believer that you meet clients where they are at. I have not suffered burnout since graduate school when I was working full-time, going to school full time (yes, both are possible there 24 hours in the day people), and on top of that doing a part time practicum. Over the years I learned to slow it down and when I look at my about page, I feel that I am still showing people how I got here. I hope that I am also showing them how to slow down a tad whether that is through cooking (we all have to eat), a DIY project, or me just talking about my life. It is my hope  through my tales of life, journal reflections, and my overall professionalism that you have discovered and will continue to discover what it is to be not only an amazing social worker, but also a person with a full life and to be present for family and friends. I love the quote Brown, once heard from a priest ” I once heard from a priest: “If you don’t want to burn out, stop living like you’re on fire.” My number one  job burnout prevention is my runs. Like Brown, when stress starts to creep up on me, I find I don’t like that person- she does not reflect my values and my character nor does she make me feel calm and comfortable in my own skin. Knowing that I love Brown three dares

  1. Dare to be honest about what burnout looks like for you.
  2. Dare to set boundaries.
  3. Dare to create a clearing for yourself.

What is your dare?

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2 Responses to Dare to Recharge – Let me Reintroduce myself

  1. @vapor_sage says:

    Can I just say? I love your approach. Slow down, loosen your grip, breathe, look around, observe creation and your reaction to it. Thanks for being here and being kind, interesting and fun.

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