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Description of learning this quarter _ is still in the process of re-negotiating its contract, by not renewing its foster care beds. The agency is contemplating replacing this contract with a federal contract that will provide safe beds for _ I am not sure how this population will merge with the population of homeless youth, but _ has reassured me that others feel this way as well. This led us to have conversations around this topic and to her sharing literature and research documents with me regarding the new contract. These documents have clearly shown me that _ is not putting dollars before youth, but that they are clearly making a very informed decision based on the research of experts.

Self-evaluation :  I am very confident in my ability to hear both sides of a story and to make a well- informed decision. However, I need to increase my knowledge base about the area of organizations, community and policy practice, as it still not totally clear to me how a program is added or removed from the _ umbrella.

Practicum InstructorÔÇÖs evaluation of student learning in this area for this quarter. _ has read and carefully thought about all of the research articles I have shared with her and I have read the ones she has shared with me. She asks very thoughtful questions once she has finished the articles. She is learning how decisions within agencies are made and all of the numerous factors that effect the decisions.

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