Diversity: Embrace Joy

On a recent evening, my wife and I heard what sounded like live mariachi music a few houses away. We were drawn to the uplifting Latin beat, so we followed the sound to a family gathering down the block in a backyard. While we were appreciating the music from the street, a Mexican gentleman in cowboy boots and hat approached us. He introduced himself and welcomed us into his backyard, where they were celebrating his daughter-in-law’s birthday.

We were introduced to the man’s son, who thanked us for enjoying his culture. The accordion player smiled and nodded at us with a generous grin. It was family and community at its best.

Then the police arrived — a neighbor had complained. The son apologized to us. And as we walked home, the celebration moved into the house.

Given the divisive zeitgeist in this country, we were humbled by this gracious invitation from strangers. How sad that so many of us hear joy with fear. Respect in diversity is what makes us who we are as a people.

John Gamache and Bonnie Nesvick,

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8 Responses to Diversity: Embrace Joy

  1. That’s true
    He should have invited his neighbour too so that the celebration and enjoyment would have been more diversified. Hahaha

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  2. Damyanti Biswas says:

    Love the idea of this theme 🙂

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  3. adguru101 says:

    How sad to live such a joyless life that a person gets their satisfaction from complaining.

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    • msw blog says:

      I also found the complainer joyless, as everyone is entitled and celebration, let them enjoy themselves, not as if they are rowdy neighbors partying every night.


  4. Beautiful example of spontaneous brotherhood


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