Lucky Day

Garland Chapman, principal of R. E. Lee High School
in Midland, Texas, relates an experience during his
days as a grade school principal.
A little second grade boy started out in the morning by
falling from the bus and hitting his head on the concrete. It
required three stitches to close the gash. Recess proved a
little unfortunate as he and another boy ran together. The
result: two of the boy’s teeth were loosened, and a lip was
bruised. During the afternoon he fell and hurt his arm. Mr.
Chapman decided to get the boy home before anything else
could happen. They were riding toward the boy’s home
when the principal noticed the little guy clutching
something in his hand.
“What do you have?” Mr. Chapman asked
“A quarter. I found it on the playground today,” exclaimed
the little fellow. He smiled and with an excited voice
exclaimed, “You know, Mr. Chapman. I’ve never found a
quarter before. This is my lucky day!”
So much is dependent, not on how the day looks at us, but
how we look at the day. Some people miss seeing the roses
behind a broken fence. Every day has its problems, but faith
can turn them into blessings. It depends on how you look at

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