Wordless Story

“Women are drawn to Instagram because it’s a storytelling platform, and women have always been incredible storytellers”



Did you know that the Chief Operating Officer of Instagram is a woman by the name of Marne Levine? I admit I did not until I read this article: Instagram Unfiltered. I personally like and dislike Instagram. I enjoy all the interesting images and viewing things from other points of view. I enjoy trying my own hand at being a photographer and presenting things from my lens, as images can tell a wordless story. Albeit I do live by the grandfather theory- meaning you will find no scantily clad individuals, no lude acts, and no embarrassing moments rated above G for general public. There are things I don’t understand about it- for example, the likes for likes, the companies that offer to sell you a billion followers for $20.99, those who comment just to say follow me (I promise if I like your style, I will follow you.), or those who unfollow you because you haven’t posted in 72 hours, or because you haven’t liked them back (What is this, kindergarten? and has one thought hey maybe this person is out living life). I often don’t understand why a beautiful image is followed by a novel. Then again, those who view me may not like my brief captions, or the one I use often which is “There is something I love about this.” I believe it leaves you to ponder if you love it or hate it. Then there are just things I can’t figure out or maybe I just don’t want to learn, like how to make moving images and/or add music to them. Do you have Instagram? What are your thoughts on this medium?


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11 Responses to Wordless Story

  1. I agree with everything you’ve said. I don’t get the whole follow/ unfollow thing. I like to follow people (and I hate that term actually) who inspire me with their photos or words or both. 😊

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  2. tsepotheview says:

    Women are making it big out there and they are so power hungry because previously they had no opportunities of being on the leadership…

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  3. WordPress is all my brain can cope with 🙂

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  4. And then instead of unfollow it could read I admire what you’re doing but I’m heading in a different direction. 👍

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