Internship Success

Therapist evaluation of student’s overall self-assessment of learning this quarter Pretty good progress rookie. ________ has made herself an integral part of the clinic; she has maintained positive rapport with both staff and patients and has heightened our awareness of ways in which we can improve patient care. ________ progressed from being an observer of medical and psychiatric care to leading educational groups and therapy sessions. ________open and questioning spirit has been as infectious as H1N1! She will be missed.


Reflecting back,  on this I learned to tell my students the following: Within the first week of your practicum, make an appointment with your manager to establish goals. Discuss projects you’d like to tackle and accept ones that you’re not fond of- after all, this is a learning opportunity. Remember you can take these skills elsewhere and the wider your range of skills, the more valuable you will be to the employer. Attend workshops and seminars. Ask questions (one or two is great- beyond that you need to ask for an informational interview), take notes on topics that interest you. Observe the skills used by people in the kinds of positions in which you envision yourself working and polish those skills. Remember everyone you meet is a prospective member of your network.



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