Transference: How It May Be Used

Student’s competency and areas for growth practicum I am very confident in my ability to deal with a variety of individuals, families, and groups. The area where I can grow is to become more authoritarian with youth when it comes to making and sticking with appointments and following the rules.

Instructor evaluation of student’s competency and areas for growth_______ has been well received by the youth, which is due to her openness and warmth. She is able to build relationships with youth easily. I agree that she can work on being more authoritarian, as I believe it is difficult for her to be the “bad one” in situations. I am confident that this skill will continue to strengthen with time and experience.

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This is an issue I dealt with earlier in my career, and I know without a doubt it was because of my own transference. I knew firsthand many of the youth and families I saw came from backgrounds with no structure, and dealt with enough people who delivered bad news or spoke to them in judgmental tones. I wanted to be the nice one who understood why they were late, why they spoke over each other during sessions, why they all had a scapegoat, why they didn’t do the homework I gave them. Though after enough clients and a plethora of various excuses, I had enough of the nice version of me and clients who were going rouge. Over the years I have implemented more structure in my therapy practice, and ask each individual “Why are you here?” “What do you want to get out of this?” “What are you willingly to do”. I make sure this is done in writing so I can present and bring clients back to their answers, and to work and fine tune the answers with them. This does not make me the bad one, it makes me the person who cares and shows an individual how to work toward the transition they desire.

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